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My First Attempt doing this!

Origin: Street Fighter Series
First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors Dreams (1995)
Affiliation: Hero
Voice Actor (ENG): Travis Willingham
Voice Actor (JPN): Toshiyuki Morikawa
Health: 1,000,000
Theme:Street Fighter Alpha theme (Remixed)

Power Grid

Intelligence: 3
Strength: 4
Speed: 4
Stamina: 4
Energy Projection: 1
Fighting Ability: 5

Bio:Charlie, the co-pilot on a special mission into Thailand along with his long-time friend, Guile. Their mission however, backfires and they were both captured. After their escape, Charlie was convinced that the enemy had had inside information from someone within the U.S. military, and is determined to get to the bottom of it, seeking whoever had been behind the incident in Thailand.

Enterence: Takes off his glasses,polishes them, and puts em away before the fight.

Enterence Quotes:
#1 hmph,this gotta be easy
#2 Could've talk you outta this, but you leave me with no choice.
#3 Come on, ya rookie
Against Chun-li - You sure you up to this
Against All Villains (Except for Wesker and Bison)- I'll show you justice
Against Wesker or Bison- I shall end your reign of crime once and for all.

Opponents quote:
Bison to Charlie:I'll make sure you die a slow and painful death
Deadpool to Charlie: Hey, I FREAKI' love Street Fighter! Autograph your spleen for me?


Step Kick : Forward + Strong
Jump Sobat : Back + Strong
Knee Kick: (Air Only) Down + Weak

Special Moves
Sonic Boom : Left (Charge for 2 seconds) then Right + Any Attack
Somersault Shell : Down (Charge for 2 seconds) then Right + Any Attack
Moonsault Slash: (Air Only) Up,Up right, Right + any Attack

Hyper Combos:
Sonic Break: QCF + 2 attack buttons (Damage can be increased through rapid buttons presses and the more you mash, more sonic booms come out) Can OTG
Somersault Justice: QCB + 2 Attack Buttons (Damage can be increased through rapid buttons presses) Can OTG
Crossfire Blitz: Shoryuken motion + 2 Attack Buttons (Damage can be increased through rapid buttons presses)

Level 3: Final mission- weak,weak,right,Medium,strong
(Damage can be increased through rapid buttons presses)
Charlie charges to the opponent, if succsessful, he launches him/her to the air, turns into shadow, the screen darkens. when screen turns back to normal, charlie turns back to normal and damage applies when the opponent is in the ground.

Victory quotes:
#1 You sure got talent kid, Uncle Sam could've used you
#2 Can't keep up with my sonic boom?
#3 The Red Cross is on its way.
#4 Could've worn my glasses during this fight
To Wesker or Bison: Your reign of terror is over, I'm taking you in
To Chun-li: Sonic boom vs speed, we all know who the victor is
To All Villains (Except Wesker and Bison): Now you know, Justice always rules over injustice
To Deadpool,She-Hulk,Hawkeye,Nova,: All Talk,All Show, No Victory.

Opponent quotes:
Bison to Charlie: Now,revenge is mine! Guile will soon follow.
Super Skrull to Charlie: Ha! Just a mere human.
Captain America to Charlie: Shame I had to take down a fellow soldier.
Wesker to Charlie: Justice is meaningless
Deadpool to Charlie: I get the cover of the next Street Fighter for this, right, Capcom? Right!?

After match quotes
#1 Be all that you can be, scumbag!
#2 It's for my country
#3 Didn't even scratch my lens.
To Bison: Lord Bison, Commander of Shadaloo, you are under arrest.
To Wesker: Complete Global Saturation? What a joke.
To Captain America,Chris or Spencer : Shame I had to fight you to this, We could've been allies instead.
To Phoenix Wright:It's nice to find someone else who understands the importance of Justice, but actions speak louder than words.
To Deadpool or Frank:Clowns like you have no place on the battlefield

Opponent Quotes
Deadpool to Charlie: If you taught Guile your moves, then why doesn't your theme go with everything?
C.Viper to Charlie: So,thats where Seth gets his one handed sonic boom. I'd like a few questions with you.
M.Bison to Charlie: Another psycho drive is being made, and be happy you are honored to be the first one in.
Chun-li to Charlie: Aren't you getting a little too old for this? Maybe Guile could take your place.

Calling Assist: Go!
Assist Finished: It's all yours
First DHC: Come On!
Second DHC: Leave it to the professional!
Light Attack defeat: Not ready to lose yet.....
Time Over: errrrrr......
One ally remaining: Now you've done it
No allies remaining: For Justice!
X-Factor Activate: It's all over now!

#1 Default outfit- Orange vest, Green Cargo Pants
#2 Charlie "Carlos" Blanka- Brown skin, green vest, grey cargo pants, black hair
#3 Charlie 2nd player outfit- Red Vest, Brown Cargo pants
#4 X-men vs street fighter alt- Brown skin, Grey vest, dark red cargo pants
#5 Abel- Blue Vest, White Cargo
#6 Shadow- all blacked out
Alternate Costume: Guile's outfit (Minus the hair)
My First attempt! Also it's not my artwork.

Sources (Gotta give credit to them)
Street Fighter Wiki
Marvel Vs Capcom Wiki
Strategy Wiki
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chanox2010 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
esta genial,como si fuese original,felicitaciones :D
Kappa429 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Thank you all! :D

Charlie should've been in MVC3 since....
Charlie appeared in all the vs games (Xmvssf to MVC2) (XCOTA and MSH dont count)
He was suppose to be in two fighting games. Capcom fighting all stars which Capcom cancelled due to negative feedback by the players, and Tatsunoko vs Capcom (alongside Ibuki and M.Bison) which he wasn't in it due to time constraints.
MVC3 really lacks a Street Fighter Alpha Rep AND and pure charge character.
There's no mention of Charlie in MVC3 at all (He doesn't have a H&H card or even a cameo) so capcom could've have had the opportunity.
Guile has been in a couple of games already, so why not give him a chance? :(

I heard there might be a capcom only fighting game that will soon be announced this month, so I hope Charlie makes it in as well. Capcom should take a good look at this moveset.
ShoryukenFighter77 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
I would have love to see Charlie in this game or in the next SF game! That would be awesome! ^_^
Quasi-Tick Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Those win quotes were epic as hell man... Really makes me wish Charlie would have been in the game! haha I really loved the Deadpool to Charlie quote. You seriously nailed something Deadpool would say. Great job all around!
Nigzblackman Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Professional General Artist
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